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Hoe kom je aan Google recensies voor je Bed & Breakfast

First of all, I wish you a very happy, healthy, successful and visible 2017. I hope that you have celebrated special holidays with your loved ones and that you have had nice guests. (A New Year’s gift at the bottom of this blog)

Have you completely pampered your guests and provided them with an unforgettable stay? Have you taken care of everything down to the last detail? Then of course you would like to hear from them. Probably you have a guestbook ready for this in which they can describe their experience with your guesthouse and your service. This is fun and valuable, for yourself.

Good reviews for your B & B are an indispensable convince

With an online written review, however, you have an even more valuable asset. Good reviews are essential for potential guests for B & Bs and other guest accommodations. The more the better. According to a BrightLocal survey from 2014, 88% of consumers surveyed trust a review just as much as a personal recommendation. They get confirmed that their choice is the right choice for you. This is called ‘social proof’.


Just ask for a review!

But how do you get Google reviews for your Bed & Breakfast? How do you get your guests to take the trouble to write a review for you? > Just ask them! <If you explain that they really help you, they will be happy to do something for you. Make it as easy as possible for them!

  1. Send a personal ‘welcome-home’ email in which you ask them if they want to write a recommendation for you. If you receive an affirmative answer, please react to the relevant page with the url, such as the guest book on your website or the review section on Facebook, Google or Zoover.
  2. Add a simple roadmap to prevent them from finding it difficult and dropping out. (see my example below)
  3. Reward them with a small gift.


Google review roadmap

Reviews on Google are very important and contribute to the visibility of your company in the search results! This is underestimated by many Bed & Breakfast entrepreneurs. Hence My New Year’s gift for you: A Google review step-by-step plan. Take the steps and send them to your guests by mail (2). Or just send my entire book with me; download, save and send as an attachment with the mail.

Gratis Stappenplan
Vul je naam en beste e-mailadres in om het stappenplan te downloaden:
Je e-mailadres is veilig bij mij!

Good luck! Many nice guests and good reviews.

Laat een bericht achter!

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